Ultra-low-power system-on-chip (SoC)

Miniaturized autonomous system implemented in a single chip gives new opportunities of expansion to unreached areas. The rise of attachable and implantable technologies has led intensive research on healthcare devices for diagnosis and treatment. This field presents challenges in system design under tightened budget on power consumption. The system even requires achieving high accuracy in sensing, strong reliability against random environmental changes and minimal invasiveness. Full integration in an allowable form factor also includes interdisciplinary collaborations to overcome the issues from unscalable parts related with sensor, antenna and battery. Our research covers

-       Biomedical circuits

-       Sensor-to-digital converters

-       Energy harvesters

-       Smart dust

<Smart Contact Lens>

<Radio for Implantable Devices>

12-Lead ECG Monitoring

[ISSCC 22]

Robust 12-Lead ECG 

[VLSI 23]

Smart Contact Lens System with WPDT

[VLSI 24]

<Selected Chip Implementations>