Quantum computing

The natural phenomena of superposition and entanglement in quantum mechanics have been proved to be usable in logical processing of quantum bit (qubit). The research on qubit operations in the past decade has revealed the potential of disruptive technology of quantum computing which can resolve the conundrums that human beings are facing. The next phase to build a fault-tolerant scalable quantum computer presents challenges in the field of engineering. They need a microsystem operating at cryogenic temperature in a dilution refrigerator to control thousands of physical qubits sitting at 10mK. Benefited from CMOS characteristics which demonstrated stable operations at 4K, the design of controller chip interfacing with quantum processor is regarded as an enabling technology for the realization of the scalable quantum computer. It pushes the goal of engineering to the extreme in all aspects such as integration, low-power consumption, accurate control and low-noise operation. We aim to develop hardware technologies for

-       Quantum controller Soc for superconducting qubits

-       Various cryo-CMOS circuits

-       Miniaturized bias generator for cryogenic surface ion-trap qubits

-       Post-quantum cryptography

<Cryo-CMOS Quantum Controller for Superconducting Qubits>

Quantum Controller SoC

[ISSCC 22]

Qubit Controller with DRAG

[ISSCC 23]



Cryo-CMOS Integrating RX IC

[Solid-State Circuits Letters 23]

<Selected Chip Implementations>